A miracle that these airline passengers actually made it

by Rachel Alexander | November 28, 2015 6:37 pm

plane landing[1]Occasionally, flights that fly into UK airports run into severe turbulence. Some turbulence is worse than others depending on the weather. Here’s one occurrence of some passengers who ran into massive turbulence that was so bad they probably shouldn’t have made it. [2]

Western Journalism reports,

This is the UK’s seventh busiest airport. The pictured plane was trying to LAND.

YouTube user flugsnug (below) shows us some of the more challenging and missed landings at BHX, Birmingham Airport in the United Kingdom due to heavy crosswinds. According to Wikipedia, this is the UK’s seventh busiest airport.

“Of the five ‘missed approaches’ shown, three diverted to other airports, two were ‘go arounds’ and landed successfully on second attempt,” the YouTube description explains.

Watch the freaky landing video below. Someone was looking out for them. I bet it was God.


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