A Plant Present In 11 States Can Did This To His Child & It Will Take YEARS TO FULLY RECOVER

by Rachel Alexander | November 8, 2015 10:42 am

hgwd2[1]Finally, one reason kids can say it’s better they were inside parked on their smartphones instead of outside exploring nature. Some children in England encountered the plant hogwood last summer and had a really adverse reaction.[2]

The Conservative Tribune reports,

Four boys and one girl woke to unexplained lines on their bodies last weekend after spending time outdoors. No more than 48 hours after the first symptoms appeared, the children were suffering from “burning angry pain” and were covered with growing blisters.

Two of the victims, 13-year-olds Reid Daley and Conor Knott, were in such agony from the blistering and burning of their skin they had to be hospitalized.

The culprit in the cause of this mystery skin condition was the large wild plant, hogweed. Though the children affected live in England, the plant is common in at least 11 states in America.

Experts advise anyone in the states affected, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, Oregon, Michigan, Virginia, Washington, Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire, to hire a professional to remove the plant if it is found on someone’s property.

While English doctors were initially confused by the symptoms, it is now known that the condition can be contracted by simply brushing past the plant. Hogweed produces a chemical that, when it contacts skin, makes the victim extremely susceptible to sunburn and sensitive to sunlight.

Daley’s stepfather characterized the rash as appearing like skin that blisters after it’s been slapped really hard. The condition make take years to heal, and victims must avoid all exposure to sun. If  you live in one of those states, take precautions before going hiking and warn your children so they recognize what hogweed looks like. Rather sad it looks like the beautiful and harmless Queen Anne’s Lace.



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