A Police Dog Shot In The Line of Duty Reunites With His Human Partner

by Greg Campbell | December 22, 2015 4:34 pm

Police dogs are invaluable tools for law enforcement. Faster than any human and able to maul a fleeing suspect on demand, they can do what police officers cannot. They are also known for being extremely loyal; that is why it is particularly sad when a police dog is shot in the line of duty as they were only following instructions from their owners. Thankfully, when one police dog was shot, the story ended-up with a happy ending and a reuniting of old friends. The reunion was caught on video and is absolutely heartwarming.


Police officers and their canine partners risk their lives to uphold the law. Unfortunately, sometimes that risk results in an injury. Bruno the German Shepard, a hardworking canine officer, was shot in the face while he was chasing a suspect. He had to go into emergency surgery to save his life.

His partner visited as soon as he could — and the reunion was so heartwarming to see.

God bless the brave men and women who keep society running and God bless the animals who help make that difficult task possible.

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