Abortion Advocates Threaten To Murder Group Leader Helping Rape Victims

by Greg Campbell | June 4, 2015 3:00 pm

When discussing the issue of abortion, the issue of rape often appears. According to Juda Myers[1] who runs an advocacy group dedicated to helping victims of rape who choose to forgo abortion, she and those who choose to have the baby face ridicule, abuse and even threats.


Nonprofit helping victims pregnant after rape, CHOICES4LIFE’s Facebook[3] read: Our 11 year old is in labor right now. She is 35 weeks and doing fantastic busting every myth out there! She is strong and holding on to her faith in the Lord.

This incited vicious attacks ranging from people wishing the baby would die to one person, Sean Roberts[4] saying about the organization’s founder, “If I ever saw this woman I would seriously honestly go to jail for attempted murder!”

Juda Myers, CHOICES4LIFE founder said, “The attacks happen all the time towards females wanting their baby. I get the attacks also for helping them but my life has never been threatened until now.”

Myers founded the nonprofit in 2011 after seeing a great need among females pregnant after rape. Her own mother, raped by 8 men, was not believed and pressured to abort. After meeting her mother in 2005 Myers continued to hear disparaging comments about rape conceived children and mothers who wanted them. Speaking internationally Myers heard story after story of abuse of females choosing life for their babies. She has worked with women from ages10-42, all with a story of abuse for choosing life.

The savagery that the left demonstrates when discussing the topic of abortion is heinous. Abortion is not only tolerated by some elements of the left, it is celebrated as a human right and advocated for.

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