Academic Credits for College Students Helping to Push Socialism

Young Democratic Socialists, via to The College Fix, by way of Weasel Zippers.

Curriculum for YDS Leaders requesting academic credit: Students requesting academic credit must, within the span of their semester/year, complete the following requirements for proper academic evaluation from DSA/YDS: (1) Begin a YDS chapter at your school with at least two “officials” (President, Vice-President; Co-Leader, Co-Leader; etc.); (2) participate in all the monthly YDS Leaders check-in on Google Hangout; (3) complete required readings with short summaries; (4) organize and document at least 1 political/educational event during the span of your semester/year; (5) write and submit two articles to The Activist blog.

From the College Fix article:

“We do not have a standing list of schools which provide credit, rather, if a student expresses interest, we work with them to find out if their school would do so,” DSA National Director Maria Svart told The College Fix in an email.

“As you may be aware,” she added, “many schools have programs where a student finds an internship with a non-profit, for-profit, or advocacy organization and is supervised by an academic adviser. Our internship program helps develop a student’s leadership skills, such as critical thinking, writing, public speaking and project management.”

CommiesBut this arrangement prompted controversy recently at the University of Southern California, where an undergraduate adviser sent students word of the opportunity via the official political science department listserv.
USC’s Vice Dean for Academic Program Dr. Steven Lamy…said that opportunity “was posted by an advisor in Political Science without permission or vetting by anyone in the department.”

“The post has been taken down,” he said. “At no time did a political science professor approve this position for academic credit. We do not give credit for external activities unless they are approved by a department and are supervised by a USC professor. I have instructed the political science department to vet all postings in the future.”

So, if we can’t all be rich then let’s all be equally poor, as the satire goes…but then, we have all these people running around, wanting to bribe others to join the revolution, or fight, or struggle, or whatever you call it. Whether or not they’ll succeed in offering this credit is another question, but the bribery effort continues. And is not limited to just this. Bribing people to join a fight for “equality,” meaning everyone is equally poor. But bribed, so at least they have the table scraps…

Seems to me like just so much unnecessary work. Why not just get started on a career, and earn the money to buy the things you want to buy? Socialists are silly, they overthink things and make it all way too complicated.

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