ACPOTI: The Right Wing In America — A Threat To Civilisation?

by John Hawkins | February 17, 2004 12:45 am

Over in the forums of the ultra-leftist British rag the Guardian[1], they’re talking about the most dangerous threat to the world today. Is it terrorism, dictators w/ WMD, Communism — super bugs, global warming, asteroids — super intelligent machines, invaders from Mars, Mecha Streisand? Oh no, it’s CONSERVATIVES.

Here are some of the British nutters over at the Guardian at their worst in today’s edition of ACPOTI (anyone can post on the internet)….

Thread Title: The Right Wing in America — a threat to civilisation?

PNACman: “Anti intellectual, aggressively certain of their superiority, devoid of morality, masters in the art of propaganda and profoundly insecure. These sociopathic bullies are gaining control of America.

Every society has them but they come together under one banner, they feed on each other’s evil, gain political power and, then become a serious threat to civilisation itself.

What can be done?

(Continued) The last time a powerful country fell under the spell of fascism it lead to the Holocaust and a world war. Now it is happening in a country infinitely more powerful than Germany. They consequences, therefore, could be infintely greater.

If anyone is in any doubt that this is a very real threat look at the tactics and behaviour of this type of individual on this forum. Look at their resoponse to this thread — if they are stupid enough not to ignore it — they will use any tactic to divert attention from the truth.

It conforms precisely to the stereotype of the fascist bully and even a cursory look at American politics reveals that they really have a lock grip on power in that country. The example of Nazi Germany and Hitler shows very clearly where this leads.

But they have not yet completely closed the door on democratic opposition so there is still a chance to deal with this menace.

But the question is how? Quite clearly the political opposition in America are impotent to rise to the challenge. So where do we go from here?”

macthebrief: “PNACman

I’m not so sure it is correct to say that the “last” time it happened was HitlerZeit.

I think the last time (we in the west at least) saw this form of ideological paranoia was during the various European inquisitions.

Interestingly, the effects of them all were minimal (apart from the poor tortured or burned people …… and there is an analogy!) and we are what we are indirectly because of them.

Never underestimate the ability of the great unwashed to agree to to destroy itself.”

Khakroo: “There isn’t a worse threat to civilzation”

chimpwatch: “PNACman, good post! A ferocious anti-democratic right wing political movement has seized power in the U.S., and one reason why it has been able to do so is the failure of the opposition to appreciate the true nature of the ideology behind this movement. Democrats continue to play by the rules, while the right wingers and neocons who siezed control of the Republican Party about ten years ago have contempt for all rules or laws that impede their march to power. Like Nazi or Communist ideologues, these people believe that their movement represents the TRUTH, and therefore almost any means can be justified to defeat their enemies, both foreign and domestic. The ideology behind this movement is a combination of free market fundamentalism and a particularly nasty form of Christian fundamentalism. Those who believe in the “Christian” element to this political ideology, including Bush himself and Attorney General John Ashcroft, among others, regard all of their opponents as being literally in the service of SATAN. Given the power that these people have, this ideology represents the greatest political threat to humanity since the demise of Stalinism.”

Hat tip to Peter Cuthbertson over at Conservative Commentary[2] for finding this one.

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