There are actually FIVE SEPARATE FBI PROBES into Hillary Clinton’s inner circle

There are actually FIVE SEPARATE FBI PROBES into Hillary Clinton’s inner circle

You won’t hear this from the mainstream media, but Americans need to know that one of their Presidential candidates and the people she’s closest to are in seriously deep water with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Of course, this doesn’t really surprise anyone, but the part that irritates me the most is that nobody has spoken about this and it makes you wonder why. Clearly the media is biased either for Hillary Clinton or, at the very least, against Donald Trump.

The FBI currently has open investigations into a number of people within Hillary Clinton’s inner circle, including Huma Abedin and Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe.

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The Daily Mail created a convenient who-what-why of those involved.

Huma Abedin: secrets and access – and perjury?

Probes: Clinton emails; Clinton Foundation

Who is she: Currently vice-chair of the Clinton campaign she was has worked with Clinton for 21 years, since she was 19, as among other things, intern, ‘body woman’, chief of staff and senior adviser.

Terry McAuliffe: Clinton cash from China

Probes: Clinton Foundation; links to foreign donations

Who is he: Currently Democratic governor of Virginia. Has previously been prolific Clinton fundraiser and chairman of the Democratic National Committee, and chairman of Hillary’s failed 2008 run for the White House.

Cheryl Mills: Woman at center of Clintonworld

Cut a deal: Cheryl Mills gained partial immunity from the FBI in return for opening her laptop

Probes: Clinton Foundation; Clinton emails

Who is she: Long-term Clinton lawyer who advised Bill during impeachment then Hillary over emails; Foundation director; State Department chief of staff.

Phillipe Reines: What does he know of emails and access?

Probes: Clinton emails; Clinton Foundation

Who is he: Hillary Clinton press secretary when she was senator; press secretary to failed 2008 presidential campaign and spokesman for Chelsea during it; Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Hillary; played Donald Trump in debate prep.

John Podesta: ‘Dean’ of Clintonworld

Probes: Clinton Foundation

Who is he: Bill Clinton’s first White House deputy chief of staff and later chief of staff; founder of DC lobbying firm Podesta & Podesta, now the Podesta Group; took charge of the Clinton Foundation in 2011 ; now Hillary campaign chairman; at 67, often seen as the ‘dean’ of the Clinton political machine.

Tony Podesta: Dined with Hillary, lobbied for Putin’s ally?

Probe: Undeclared lobbying for foreign government

Who is he: Older brother of John Podesta, with whom he founded what is now The Podesta Group of which he is chairman; social acquaintance of the Clintons; Democratic fundraiser

Doug Band: Man who made Bill rich

Probe: Clinton Foundation

Who is he: Bill Clinton’s ‘body man’ in the White House; his chief aide after leaving office until 2011; CEO of Teneo Holdings.

Justin Cooper: Smashed BlackBerry with a hammer

Probes: Clinton Email; Clinton Foundation

Who is he: Staff assistant for Oval Office operations in Bill’s White House; Doug Band’s right-hand man; edited Bill’s memoir My Life; registered the notorious server; now works for Teneo with Band.

Anthony Weiner: Sexual sleaze

Probe: Sexting 15-year-old girl

Who is he: Former New York congressman when Clinton was senator; estranged husband of her key aide Huma Abedin; notorious serial sexter.

Now it is extremely important to note that most of these people aren’t in trouble for their own personal issues and happen to be associated with Clinton, they are in hot water BECAUSE of their associations with the Clintons and their Foundation.

To read more about the investigations, click here.

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