ADIOS! Kaepernick Controversy Causes Mass Police Boycott Of Games!

ADIOS! Kaepernick Controversy Causes Mass Police Boycott Of Games!

When Colin Kaepernick decided to sit out the National anthem at a San Francisco 49ers pre-season game a couple weeks ago, he unleashed a powerful surge of righteous indignation from fans, fellow professional sports players and millions of Americans on social media. And also, it appears, from the local police, who are threatening to refuse to provide security for future Niner’s games.

Kaepernick, whose unfortunate and uncanny ability to make bad decisions, also extended to his wearing of some insulting socks to practice. How can socks be insulting? They had pictures of pigs dressed as policemen. Santa Clara Police officials have stated to the NFL that unless something is done in the way of disciplining Kaepernick for his disrespectful behavior to the National Anthem, the flag and police, they will not be sending police to work at the games. And if anything is true about NFL games, it is that law enforcement is definitely needed even if it is only as a deterrent to those who might think to make trouble. The police officials said in a letter that “The board of directors of the Santa Clara Police Officer’s Association has a duty to protect its members and work to make all of their workings environments free of harassing behavior,” including, apparently, the harassing behavior of ill mannered quarterbacks.

Here is an article about one police officer’s personal response:

Chris Amos is a retired police officer. He is a father of three and after Colin Kaepernick’s disgraceful treating of police officers and dissing of the National Anthem, he decided to write him a letter on Facebook.

This foolish man gets paid millions to play a game. And he thinks nothing of being disrespectful of all that America stands for; her people, her military, her history and her law enforcement officers. It may be time for Kaepernick’s unwelcome capers to end. He’s not even that good, just a mediocre QB looking to make a name for himself, even if it is in a negative way. How many fans and professional connections have to be lost before Kaepernick is sent packing?

Colin thinks he “took a stand”. Is it coincidence that his newfound hatred for America started shortly after converting to Islam? What do you think? What he actually did is to set a bad example and make himself an unnecessary part of the team, a liability. He has engaged in exactly what he claims to be against; treating people poorly because of who they are, this time it’s him mistreating police and patriotic Americans. What parent wants his son to look up to a wealthy successful athlete who cannot be bothered to honor his nation’s flag and anthem? None. With his unprofessional un-American behavior, Kaepernick has singlehandedly moved himself from the asset to the liability column for the 49ers. And we all know what happens to liabilities. They get cut. Perhaps he can get off the field and refuse to honor the anthem from the comfort of his couch from now on. Because America is sick of his foolishness. Grow up Colin. Time to put on your big boy pants.

Sonja Bochow

I live in Newark, DE, am married, and the mother of four children; Liam, Brenna, Keira and Erin. I am also a full time Bible teacher and have a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from West Chester University.

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