Afghan Refugee Brutally Rapes And Murders EU Official’s Teen Daughter

by Sonja Bochow | December 5, 2016 1:04 am


A beautiful 19 year-old college student[2] in Freiburg, Germany is dead. she was raped and killed, and her body dumped in the river. A 17 year-old suspect has been arrested based on DNA evidence found at the scene. He is set to stand trial. But if Germany’s government hadn’t been so intent on bringing in massive numbers of refugees, she may still be alive. Her suspected killer is an Afghan national who has been living with a host family kind enough to take him in and help him. He has been living in Germany since 2015.


Tragically, this young woman’s life was brutally taken from her by a third world thug who had no business being let into Germany. Too many of these men who are part of the refugee population believe they are entitled to any woman they want to have, even if it means rape, torture or murder. These are men who cannot be trusted to live in nations interested in keeping their citizens safe. They come from brutal places with little to no law or law enforcement, archaic and barbaric ideas of how women should be treated, and lots of terrorism. And that is simply not a good fit for relocation to a first world nation filled with pretty young women who live freely. Those carefree young ladies are in grave danger from these men. And tragically, Maria paid the price for her government’s failure to control the borders.

Her parents placed a memorial ad for their deceased daughter. It said “Maria was for 19 years a singular ray of sunshine for our family, and that she will remain. We thank God for this gift, that he made you with us. We are sure that she is safe with him.”

Ironically, in her spare time, Maria volunteered at the refugee hostel. And wouldn’t it have been nice if she could have been “safe” with her own parents, in her own town, in her own nation? When does the brutal carnage stop? How many more women need to be raped or killed before Europe’s leaders do something to stop it? Her blood is on their hands almost as much as it is on her killer’s. Rest in peace Maria. You were betrayed by political correctness.

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