AIP Column: Americans Hold Their Breath

by Melissa Clouthier | August 19, 2009 1:18 pm

In my latest AIP column[1], I imagine the American public watching a disaster movie and being helpless to stop the disaster:

It’s not being said out loud much, but many think it: It was a big mistake to give the government into the hands of Democrats in the House, the Senate and the Executive Branch. After their years of bitching, and crying out about government waste, irresponsibility, wars, etc., the American people gave the Democrats a chance to govern. President Obama promised to cut waste. He promised to a new era of responsibility. He promised transparency. President Obama promised change. Well, the change that is here is not exactly change for the better. The change seems to be more of the past, but much worse. The government is spending more, has less to show for it, is as opaque as ever, has taken over major businesses, banks are still failing, the unemployment rate is scarily high, wars still rage, realities like Gitmo still exist, state governments are issuing IOUs, and now, the government that has messed up the housing, banking and other industries now wants to control health care and energy. The public wants none of this.

Please go read the whole thing. I don’t think any Obama voter imagined his governance would be this way. And I think most McCain voters knew that the tax and spend ways under the guise of doing what’s good for you is exactly how it would be. Now, all are helpless to stop it.

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