ALERT: Early Voters Report Voter Machines – “AUTO SELECTING” Clinton/Kaine Ticket

ALERT: Early Voters Report Voter Machines – “AUTO SELECTING”  Clinton/Kaine Ticket

If you were worried about electronic voting this year, then you aren’t going to be surprised that some are reporting that Texas voting machines are automatically selecting the “Clinton/Kaine” presidential ticket, despite users selecting a “straight Republican” ticket.

This is exactly what Conservatives have been worried about in recent election years and it’s happened every time, despite assurances that instances of ballot manipulation are at a minimum.


A woman by the name of Lisa Houlette posted on Monday that she had to get two people to help her before she could get back to the ballot to correct her vote after noticing that “Clinton/Kaine” had been selected despite asking for a straight Republican ticket.

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Another woman named Shandy Clark reported a similar incident:

In this election, every vote is going to count. It’s going to be extremely tight and you need to make sure that your ballot is being cast for the person you intended to select, not the person the machine chose for you. Where possible, I would recommend voting via paper ballot. If the protected servers of politicians are so easily hacked (as we’ve seen thanks to WikiLeaks) then voting machines would be a piece of cake for an experienced hacker.

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