ALERT: The Election Might Not Be Over on November 9…

by Just An American | November 2, 2016 1:18 pm

Election day is almost here and soon it will be gone and we will have our new President ready to move into the White House. However, it may NOT be done as soon as we thought.


With the race reportedly becoming a close one in its final days as we approach the big day, it appears to some that we could be entering into a twilight zone come November 9th.

A tie?[2]

If there is a tie, we can bet that all eyes would set focus on the House of Representatives, where this kind of electoral-vote deadlock would be sent to be remedied. This is where a constitutional prevision would go down where each state gets one vote. If then a delegation is tied, it is that state that will cast no vote and then the majority of 26 states would be required to find out WHO will be going to the White House.

However, we won’t know what this vote would be until DECEMBER 19, which is when the electors gather in their home states to actually cast a vote.

Who among you wants to wait until then to know what our votes will decide? Not I.

The madness of the election has already taken a toll on so many of us that waiting any longer might just throw us overboard into insanity.

The thought alone most likely has many of us reaching for something to take for our anxiety. So let’s please do our BEST to refrain from falling into a death spin like the possibility explained above.

Let’s just not.

However, given the circumstances leading up to the election and the fact that this election has proven to be anything but normal…

We probably shouldn’t hold our breath.

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