ALERT: Hillary Rodham Clinton Could STILL BECOME PRESIDENT – It’s Not Over…

by Just An American | November 23, 2016 2:32 pm

Well, if there is one thing that we can compliment Democrats on, it would be that they don’t give up, even when the boat has lifted anchor, sailed off and disappeared over the horizon.


Both a compliment and a curse, because sometimes…enough is enough. This is definitely one of those times.

Look, let’s get real here for a moment. Over that past few years, Democrats have lost more and more governing control. What you are about to read is their last push, their final ‘hail mary’[2] to get what they want.

However, they have lost and it is their way of thinking and actions like this that have gotten them here, putting the last nail in their coffin thinking it will save them.

It won’t.

These liberals who are still trying to push for a Hillary win have one thing in their bag of tricks to try and convince Americans it’s not over. That trick is CHAOS.

The more chaos they can wreak and fear they can spread through doubt and concern for the future, the better. THEY want Americans to imagine chaos under Trump’s Presidency…it gives them a better chance of getting their way.

First off, what kind of people lead with chaos? Bad people. Let’s just get that out of the way now.

If this article’s title scared you, be not afraid. Do not let the chaos inside.

George Takei has sent out mass emails in an effort to make America think Trump is pushing for ‘internment camps’ … really Takei? This is how desperate they have become.

However, it’s not just him.

Some of Hillary’s most ardent supporters are trying to force us into chaos and dismay, and shooting with a long-shot effort to still make her President.

First off… HA HA HA HA! Not happening.

Second…this is what they are doing.

Their little scheme relies on electors ignoring their states’ vote totals and putting the winner of the national popular vote in the White House.

(FYI – Trump won the popular vote too. They are just in denial.)

Currently, Donald Trump is on track to win 306 Electoral College votes if Michigan is called for him. Without Michigan he is at 290 and he needed as you know only 270.

This is what they are doing folks…

The Clinton clan is circulating a petition and urging as many Americans as they can to get electors to change their mind on the national popular vote and mark Clinton’s name down come decision day, EVEN IF she didn’t win a majority of ballots in their state.

They have the minds of crooks.

‘If they all vote the way their states voted, Donald Trump will win. However, in 14 of the states in Trump’s column, they can vote for Hillary Clinton without any legal penalty if they choose,’ the petition says.

‘Mr. Trump is unfit to serve. His scapegoating of so many Americans, and his impulsivity, bullying, lying, admitted history of sexual assault, and utter lack of experience make him a danger to the Republic,’ the petition says.

‘Secretary Clinton WON THE POPULAR VOTE and should be President.’

They have been calling the Justice Department, demanding that they audit the vote and releasing messages like this on their social media accounts:



Yes, Heba Abedin and Debra Messing think we are ALL idiots. That’s all I took from their cry for help. Arguing on Facebook that Hillary should be President and the votes shouldn’t count? Good grief.

Abedin with her ‘They are starting to recognize there really is something off about the election results as they come in,’…. HAH! She knows damn well she is lying. A direct insult to our intelligence really, thinking we’d fall for such nonsense.

So, there you have it. Democrat’s supporters are refusing to digest reality.

In a couple months, Donald Trump will be our President and soon after… America will be great again. Despite these lunatics who choose chaos over peace and hatred over understanding.

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