ALERT: Muslim Cab Driver Makes Bomb Threat in NYC… Then THIS Happens

ALERT: Muslim Cab Driver Makes Bomb Threat in NYC… Then THIS Happens

Hisham Ahmed is a taxi driver in NYC. Recently, during a job, he had the audacity to threaten his passenger saying that he had a bomb in the car. That in and of itself, you would think, would be enough to lose his job over….but, you’ll soon learn that it is MUCH more than just this threat that he is getting away with.

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From Pamela Geller:

A taxi driver accused of telling a passenger he had a bomb in his car, was thinking of joining ISIS and could have “done a better job” than the Paris terrorists, should be suspended for six months and fined $1,150, an administrative law judge has recommended.

Judge Kevin Casey refused to yank the license of cabbie Hisham Ahmed, as the Taxi & Limousine Commission had requested, after police said he posed “no threat” and after determining his volatile remarks were “out of character” in a 20-year career.

“[Ahmed] had already alluded to the Paris Attack and his desire to join ISIS,” he added. “Though the police later concluded that [Ahmed] did not pose a threat to the public, that finding did not diminish the distress endured by the complainant as he rode in the cab.”

Ahmed’s lawyer called the recommended penalty excessive.

“The police investigated Mr. Ahmed and found him to be no threat whatsoever,” said attorney Daniel Ackman.

He disputed the judge’s finding that Ahmed had made the remarks and said that even if he had, “the punishment for speaking is excessive.”

The allegedly terror-fueled cab ride began shortly before midnight, in late November, when the businessman hopped in Ahmed’s cab near Third Avenue and East 21st St.

Just two minutes into his ride to his midtown hotel, the businessman testified that Ahmed asked him about the Paris terror attacks.

The passenger recounted that he told Ahmed the attacks were “unfortunate or very upsetting.”

The cabbie responded, he said, by boasting he “could’ve done a better job.”

Of course, when the sick actions of this cabbie were brought to light, he denied it all and it was HIS side of the story that prevailed in court. This man threatened the LIFE of his passenger stating there was a bomb in the car and that he could have done better than the Paris terrorists…yet, didn’t even get his license suspended. SHOCKING…right?

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