ALERT: New Evidence Shows Hillary Aide Destroyed Two Phones…With THIS! [VIDEO]

Hillary’s aide gives new meaning to the phrase ‘bringing the hammer down’. Apparently Justin Cooper remembers “two instances where he destroyed Clinton’s old mobile phones by breaking them in half or hitting them with a hammer.” So, apparently among the many responsibilities of young aides, is the job of smashing technology to make sure no information can be obtained from it. People who have no secrets don’t normally have to worry about this kind of thing. Most of us can simply reset the phone to factory default and give or throw it away.

On Friday, the FBI published the results of its ongoing investigation into Mrs. Clinton’s use of private email servers for official State Department business, including classified documents and emails. This cache of information released by the FBI contained the revelation that Cooper destroyed Clinton’s old cellphones by breaking them in half or smashing them with a hammer.

Hillary’s behavior and the Herculean steps she continues to take to cover her tracks, is looking more and more like the last gasps of a woman desperate to get her hands on the reins of power in the White House. People who constantly have to try to explain away and cover up information are quite obviously not ethical candidates for the highest office in our land.

The FBI has identified about 13 devices that Hillary could have used while sending or receiving emails from her private personal server. This from the woman who claimed she is technologically illiterate. That is a lot of devices to smash, don’t you think? Hey Justin, better get your hammers ready, 13 devices await you! Rack ’em and smash ’em! No need to allow anyone to see all those titillating emails about yoga class and Chelsea’s wedding.

FBI Director James Comey has referred to Mrs. Clinton as “extremely careless” in the way she handled our State Department’s emails. But “extremely careless” applies to people not quite aware, folks who make silly mistakes. And it is quite obvious that Hillary is very aware, so aware in fact, that she has her old phones smashed to pieces. Mrs. Clinton is as sly as a fox and tricky as a snake. And we cannot believe a single word out of her crooked lying mouth. The only worse candidate for President than Hillary would be Hillary’s husband…oh wait, he’s already had his turn. No, we don’t need any more Clintons in the White House. They’ve done enough damage to this nation.

See video below:

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