ALERT: North Korea Makes Terrifying Announcement, Vows to Kill More Americans Than 9/11

ALERT: North Korea Makes Terrifying Announcement, Vows to Kill More Americans Than 9/11

North Korea…is at it again. Once again coming at us with their threats of nuclear attacks. This time, it’s the same song, but to a different tune, and they are starting to get some attention… that they will end up regretting. Mark my words.

From the Daily Mail:

North Korea has made yet another threat of nuclear attacks on the US, claiming its warheads are aimed at key sites in Washington DC and ready to ‘wipe the country from history’.

State-run media claimed that North Korean strikes would kill more American citizens than 9/11, ‘leaving no time [for them to] even regret or have nightmares about it’.

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This follows threats of pre-emptive nuclear strikes on US soil and propaganda videos featuring a submarine-launched nuclear missile laying waste to Washington DC.


‘If three civilian airplanes’ attacks from 15 years ago resulted in 3,000 deaths and brought a nightmare to life for the US, the outbreak of our final war will wipe the country from history, leaving no time (for them to) even regret or have nightmares about it,’a bulletin published by state-run publication DPRK Today said, according to NK News.

It also claimed that North Korea’s ‘most powerful, miniaturized, diversified weapon systems’ are currently aimed at the White House and Pentagon ‘from the ground, in the air and underwater.,’

Even before last month’s exercises began, North Korea’s formidable propaganda machine had been churning out articles every day condemning the US and South Korea in the strongest terms.

State newspapers and TV channels have been displaying nuclear bomb and missile mock-ups and warning it is ready at any time to launch a pre-emptive strike against the presidential residence in South Korea or even a nuclear attack on New York.

Nightly news programs have been dominated by videos of leader Kim Jong-Un watching North Korea’s own drills, replete with large-scale artillery arrays firing barrages from beachfront positions into the ocean and repeated claims that the North now has an H-bomb – which it says it tested in January – and a means of taking the war to the U.S. mainland.

North Korea has fired a slew of short-range missiles and artillery shells into the sea and has threatened nuclear strikes on Washington and Seoul since the start on March 7 of the annual springtime war games between the United States and South Korea.

Tensions are particularly high this year because the drills are the largest ever and follow a recent North Korean nuclear test and a long-range rocket launch.

For the people of N. Korea that are subjected to living in fear, my heart goes out to them. The leader though…what an annoying fly.

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