ALERT: Pentagon Makes Terrifying Announcement About Nuclear Launch

ALERT: Pentagon Makes Terrifying Announcement About Nuclear Launch

Wow, North Korea is going on again about their nuclear toys, in fact…they just wont’t shut-up about it. Now they have made THIS announcement.


From The Political Insider:

They’ve been threatening America for months, and this weekend they tested a new missile system.

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And now, according to the Pentagon, North Korea has upped the ante by doing THIS!

Via CNN:

U.S. Intelligence satellites have spotted signs that North Korea may be preparing for an unprecedented launch of a mobile ballistic missile which could potentially hit portions of the U.S., CNN has learned.

Two U.S. officials told CNN that if the regime proceeds with a launch, the latest assessments are the most likely scenario is the launch of the so-called Musudan missile, which the U.S. believes could potentially hit Guam and perhaps Shemya Island in the outer reaches of Alaska’s Aleutian chain.

This is not good. Even if they can just hit the Aleutian islands, there are valuable U.S. military targets there!

We have to stop treating North Korea like a kid with fireworks and start treating them like they’re a serious regime bent on the destruction of the United States of America.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a President who takes threats to America seriously. He’s too busy being a celebrity and chastizing Republicans to care about an enemy wanting to bring terror and destruction to these shores!

Anyone else tired of him and his little man disease?

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