ALERT: Police Stabbed in Suspected Terror Attack

by Just An American | October 5, 2016 4:04 pm

A police officer was stabbed in the neck and the other was knifed in the stomach before the attacker could be shot in the ‘leg’ by police in Brussels. The attacker has been was reportedly a former soldier.


Currently, although there have been suggestions that the attacks were terror motivated, the facts of the story are still developing and it is at this point in time unclear whether or not it is considered a terror attack.[2]

The attacks took place in the streets of Schaerbeek, a town that has been known as ‘a breeding ground for terror’. This is also the same town that was home to a bomb-making factory run by ISIS jihadists who carried out the recent attacks in Brussels and Paris.

They have identified the attacker as, Hicham D – who pulled out a knife he had on him and ‘randomly’ started to attack the police officers. We are being told that the wounds they received during the attack are not life-threatening injuries.

After the assault the attacker did try to run away, but fortunately was shot in the leg and then arrested.

One of the officers also suffered a broken nose when he was punched in the face during a struggle with the suspect.

Authorities have also learned that the suspect is a 43 year-old Belgian national who served as a soldier until 2009. However, his motive is still being investigated and there is in fact reason to believe the incident was ‘a terrorist attack’, but not confirmed as of yet.

It was a spontaneous attack and no one has come forward yet with further information on motive.

It feels like attacks like these are becoming more and more frequent in the most random of places. This wouldn’t be so much of an issue if those that are being attacked other than these officers had the capability of protecting themselves.

But…it’s the UK.

…and they don’t.


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