ALERT: Three US Cities Named as Targets for Attack by ISIS

by Just An American | June 16, 2016 12:32 pm

This is how weak the world thinks the U.S. has become under Obama’s rule. ISIS has just released a new threat video following the tragic Orlando massacre. Not only is it a warning, but they have made some demands. Since when is it okay for TERRORISTS to feel like they can get what they want from the U.S…EVER? The audacity of these slimeball punks with guns is very telling of what has happened to the character of America. It will be obvious to you when you witness this video…[1]


From the Clarion Project:

“The infidels of crusade America will no longer have security or comfort,” says the narrator.“ New York, Orlando, Washington and other cities will not feel safety and comfort.”

The film explains this will remain the case for as long as American and allied forces continue their assault on ISIS fighters in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere.

Victory is “forthcoming,” the film tells viewers.

ISIS is losing ground in its strongholds of Syria and Iraq but remains a force to be reckoned with both in its self-declared state or caliphate and also overseas.

WARNING: Video contains sensitive material.

To witness the ISIS threat video, CLICK HERE[3].

Why is ISIS being allowed to threaten America? Obama has proven he is no leader by allowing ISIS to terrorize the U.S. during his reign, time and time again. The world has forgotten that this is the land of the brave. We need a President who will issue them a reminder. A lasting reminder…

  1. It will be obvious to you when you witness this video…:
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