ALERT: USPS Driver Caught Doing THIS – He Didn’t Know He Was Being Filmed [VIDEO]

by Just An American | June 21, 2016 12:25 pm

Are you kidding me? A US Postal Service worker was captured on surveillance cameras pulling a seriously stupid stunt with a customer’s package upon delivery. This video is going to disgust you and you may also think twice about watching out for your own packages when expecting a delivery…[1]

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From the Daily Mail:

The footage was posted to YouTube by Brent Gregory, who said he was ‘surprised’ to find his Amazon package on the sidewalk, which prompted him to review his security cameras.

And to his surprise, the video showed the delivery man pulling in front of his home and throwing his package onto the ground.

It started out like any other delivery. The postal worker pulled in front of the home, came to a complete stop and then got the package prepped for delivery.

But this particular worker found a more efficient way to complete the final steps of delivering the package.

The video shows the man parking the vehicle before moving from the driver’s seat into the back of the vehicle to grab the package.

After a brief pause, the sliding door opened and the man threw the package like a Frisbee.

The Amazon box landed on the sidewalk near the driveway of Gregory’s home.

Gregory wrote: ‘The box contained socks, so no harm was done.’

The driver then got back in the driver’s seat and took off as the sliding door slid open.

He more than likely had to stop again and close the door.

Here’s a guy that does not know when to be grateful. He has a job with a reputable company and still chooses to take shortcuts that could easily cost his employer WAY more money than he would be worth keeping on staff. Cut him… there are plenty of people who would do the job right and have a little pride in their quality of work. They are the ones that deserve the opportunity.

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