Amazing Footage Captures Deputy Shooting Through His Windshield To Take Down Murdering Fugitive! – VIDEO

Amazing Footage Captures Deputy Shooting Through His Windshield To Take Down Murdering Fugitive! – VIDEO

Some amazing and heart-pounding footage shows an Oklahoma state trooper grabbing a rifle and shooting through his own windshield during a high speed chase that put an end to the life of a murderous fugitive on the run.


Michael Dale Vance Jr, was ‘pinned down’ and shot dead in a way reminiscent of an action flick shootout on Sunday night in Butler, Oklahoma – ending a ferocious week-long manhunt that began while he was awaiting trial for sexually assaulting a 15 year-old girl.

Vance had started off his last portion of the manhunt by shooting Sheriff Clay Sander in the arm at 9.30 pm on Sunday after the cop pulled him over to give him a warning about the chain that was being dragged behind the stolen truck Vance was driving.

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He then drove off with the police giving chase for about a half hour before a shootout with law enforcement occurred that ultimately brought an end to Vance.

Two critical videos were released today; one was a split screen dash cam video from the trooper’s car, with one camera being shot outwards at Vance’s vehicle, while another revealed the inside of the trooper’s car and showed him reaching behind his seat for his rifle, and sending rounds through his own windshield towards Vance.

A second video, captured by a helicopter, revealed Vance speeding in his stolen vehicle towards the cops. He then gets out of the vehicle and continues to move on foot while shooting. It’s in this night time grainy shot you can see his silhouette just drop all the sudden and he’s gone for good.

A week earlier, Vance had shot two police officers who were responding to a domestic violence call north of Oklahoma City. That same night, the bodies of Vance’s aunt and uncle, Valerie and Ronald Wilkson, were found nearly decapitated in the trunk of an abandoned car.

For more than a week, Vance left behind a trail of violence, blood and fear. But thanks to law enforcement, this psychopath is dead and he’s not coming back from this one.

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