America Corrupts The Children Of Saudi Arabia

by John Hawkins | February 5, 2003 1:24 pm

America Corrupts The Children Of Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia’s Arab News[1] has run an unintentionally hilarious editorial called, “Another American trick.” Apparently we American pig-dog, Yankee, capitalist, cowboy hegemons are corrupting the youth of Saudi Arabia. Arab News covers the chilling story…

“In an attempt to counter the effects of a popular campaign calling for a boycott of American products, one fast food outlet in the Kingdom has developed a tricky tactic to attract customers, especially children. With each meal, the restaurant gives a present which is a children’s story. The story leads to the conclusion that children who eat the restaurant’s meals will develop supernatural powers. Its message is simple: Eat our meal and we guarantee that you will become a superman.

…There is yet another hidden side of the story. It lies in the fact that the people who prevent the children from eating these fast food meals are monsters. These ugly creatures, says the student in his letter, are shown as evil men who deny the children the pleasure of enjoying a delicious meal – sold by none other than the restaurant in question.”

Who knew that explaining toy giveaways at restaurants to Saudis would be like explaining how a jet plane works to a caveman? I can just hear the conversations…

Saudi 1: “What is this “Grimace” thing that is being given out as a toy to our children?”

Saudi 2: “I don’t know, but I don’t like it!”

Saudi 3: “Me either! Today, my little girl demanded a “Little Mermaid Happy Meal”…

Saudi 2: I have seen those! It is a scantily clad 1/2 woman — 1/2 fish demon that tempts men to defile themselves with her nearly naked body!

Saudi 1: That’s nothing…have you seen this, “Hamburglar”…

Saudi 3: Yes! He’s a thief! But instead of having his hands chopped off, he’s rewarded with delicious hamburgers!

Saudi 1: These Americans are teaching our children poor values! Today they demand Harry Potter toys, but when they grow up they’ll be demanding to vote and dressing like that nearly naked mermaid…

Lol…I wrote those lines as a goof, but the last one is largely true. Totalitarian societies can’t survive under the constant barrage of outside cultural pressures indefinitely. It may start small, giving these kids some GI Joes to play with, letting them watch Star Wars & Lord of the Rings, listening to American pop music, but eventually it starts to take it’s toll. Sooner or later, people want that freedom & the lifestyle that produced all these wonderful Western toys, baubles, and images and they start to work towards it. Western culture, particularly American culture, is like the Borg, “resistance is futile, you will be assimilated.”

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