America’s Favorite Sheriff Has A Message For Cop Killers – RUN

by Alexandria Willis | December 9, 2016 8:13 am

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Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke is tired of the bad reputation that cops are getting throughout the country. When he heard of the death of two officers due to cop hate crimes, he had a message he wanted to share with the world[2].

As the sheriff sees it, those who murder and enact deadly violence upon cops should receive the death penalty.

“The senseless slaughter of America’s finest continues. My heart and prayers go out to the good people in the state of Georgia. It rips my heart out every time I hear.

When a law enforcement officer is killed in the line of duty, a bit of every law enforcement officer in America dies with them.

Then the federal government — the federal court system — should enact a death penalty for these cases. […] And upon conviction they should be put to death.”

Is this too harsh of a response? Or is it exactly accurate? If you are in favor of his approach, then you are in agreement with President-elect Donald Trump, who called for the death penalty for cop-killers throughout the campaign.

“One of the first things I do, in terms of executive order if I win, will be to sign a strong, strong statement that will go out to the country — out to the world — that anybody killing a policeman, policewoman, a police officer — anybody killing a police officer, the death penalty. It’s going to happen, OK?”

Both individuals know the importance of protecting our officers, but is this philosophy too harsh? Will it prevent people from being willing to defend their innocence from unfair and unscrupulous officers? Could this lead to greater tyrannical mindset issues with officers?

Either way… the men have spoken. Now to see what Trump actually does…


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