America’s Most Notorious Anti-Semite: “Barack is America’s blessing.”

Noted anti-Semitic lunatic, Louis Farrakhan had some kind words for Barack Obama and his former spiritual mentor, Jeremiah Wright,

Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan on Sunday called President-elect Barack Obama “America’s blessing,” and said he believes Obama’s election came about by intervention from God.

…”Barack Obama has lifted all of us. We can never be the same again,” he said, adding later: “But after the victory, now comes the heavy responsibility.”

Days after Obama’s election Nov. 4, Farrakhan broke months of silence about his support, saying Obama had a God-given capacity to handle burdens he’d face as president. He echoed that sentiment Sunday.

He praised Obama during the Democratic primary season, but Obama distanced himself, saying he objected to previous Farrakhan statements about Judaism, which many have considered anti-Semitic. Nation of Islam officials have maintained that the 75-year-old leader’s remarks often are taken out of context.

“Barack is our blessing. Barack is America’s blessing. Barack could be the world’s blessing,” he said. “He’s the most popular black man to ever arise among us. Take it or leave it: I’ve never seen nothing like this. Have you?”

On Sunday, he said Obama’s rise should show that God “has not forsaken us, and this should also tell us that God is giving America a chance to redeem herself.”

…Farrakhan also spoke warmly of Obama’s former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who was among those honored Saturday night. He said Wright doesn’t hate America but detests injustices that occur in this country.

So, if you’re a Jew, and you see a guy who’d happily shove you in an oven talking about how great Barack Obama is, does it make you a little nervous? It should.

You know what else this should tell you? That Farrakhan believes that Obama distancing himself from him and Wright was just politics and that he didn’t mean any of it. I mean, he certainly wouldn’t be praising him in public if he genuinely believes Obama doesn’t like him, would he?

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