Amnesty for Illegals is More Important than Stopping Terrorist Attacks in America

by Jennifer Lawrence | January 31, 2015 3:40 pm

DISAGREE! According to a white house spokesman, Amnesty for Illegals is More Important than Stopping Terrorist Attacks in America.[1]


It’s another good ol’ fashioned government showdown as the new Republican-controlled Congress takes on President-turned-Emperor Obama and his executive amnesty program.
Regardless of how one views the plights of illegal immigrants, by nearly every reputable estimation, the president does not have the authority to unilaterally make laws such as creating from scratch a law that grants amnesty to millions of illegals.

Of course, that does not stop the Democrats from defending the illegal actions. The Democrat message doesn’t seem to be that Obama was within his constitutionally-delegated authority to grant amnesty; they seem to, instead, rely on a “the ends justify the means” message touted by virtually every democratically-elected-leader-turned-dictator ever.

Still, the new Congress is out to show that they know how to play hardball and are holding back funds for the executively-created program. This also leads the Department of Homeland Security going without funding- a talking point the Democrats are using to try and paint the Republicans as out of their mind.

However, the real story here is that a president acted without Congressional approval to create a law that the majority of Americans oppose- all without having the authority to do so. So, why is the onus upon Republicans to fund this monstrosity or otherwise face the wrath of the vengeful leftstream media?

According to White House Press secretary Josh Earnest, the president is not even interested in curbing his illegal amnesty edict even a bit in order to reach a bipartisan agreement to fund the government.

On Friday, a reporter asked Earnest,

“Will the president change that executive action in any way in order to secure funding for the Department of Homeland Security?”

“No, it’s not going to happen,” Earnest replied abruptly.

At the heart of the issue is who will blink first. The current situation will deny thousands of federal employees paychecks and rather than fund these law enforcement officials to keep America safe and to ensure national security, the priority for Democrats is not losing face to Republicans and ensuring that millions of illegals are rewarded for their criminality and afforded the opportunity to compete for American jobs with Americans.

If Obama were half as interested in playing this brand of hardball with ISIS, Iran, Cuba or Russia, maybe we wouldn’t be the laughing stock on the world stage.

I think Josh has got it a little confused. With our boarders wide open and terrorism rising around the world. I doubt that amnesty is our answer.

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