Amy Schumer Goes Off On Critics Who Say She Can’t Play ‘Barbie’…Stephen Crowder LIGHTS HER UP! [VIDEO]

by McIntosh | December 11, 2016 2:29 am

Amy Schumer has been flinging around her possible new “Barbie” role coming up (yes, that Amy Schumer) all over social media and attempting to burn down anyone that says or feels that she, well…isn’t quite the right shape for the job. It caused one hell of a commotion[1] and mostly for the response she decided to give all her ‘hater’ followers…because if you do not agree with something, whether factual or real, it doesn’t matter…YOU A HATER, SON!


Amy did’t quite handle the backlash right, as she never does when it comes to reality and perception, and conservative comedian and firebrand Stephan Crowder sends blow after blow raining down on her for it. Check it out:

And there you have it. So, let’s go over the basics of what we learned, class. Barbie was created and displayed as perfect. She is in fact, perfect. She has a tiny molded waist, perfect white painted teeth and flawless plastic skin. Of course being made of plastic doesn’t hurt. Amy Schumer resembles Barbie in the way that a steaming pile of doggy poo resembles half melted chocolate ice cream. It’s about as similar as that, basically, and it doesn’t take a scientist to make that call.


Nobody’s saying Amy is not allowed to play a Barbie role. Movies are for the imaginative and pretending is just a part of it. So what’s the problem here? She’s proving herself wrong by claiming that all her Twitter trolls and critics are indeed “FAT SHAMING!” Or in other words, ‘hating’ on people of the heavier side of the scale. But here’s the actual truth. No one really cares that Amy is a fat actress, they are all just pointing out that you actually don’t ‘fit’ the role of Barbie…well…because…Barbie isn’t fat.

You see the difference here, Amy?

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