Anarchy + Communism = Moonbattery

by Van Helsing | February 3, 2009 1:14 pm

It used to confuse me that 20-something adolescents in black clothes with bugs in their hair call themselves anarchists while espousing a communist ideology by which the State provides everything for free at someone else’s expense. If anarchy is no government, and communism is absolute enslavement to government, that would make them opposites, right?

But these opposites attract, merging with toxic synergism to form something still more pernicious and depraved, a grotesque ideology that scholars of political pathology call moonbattery. To see it on display[1], refer to America’s most liberal city[2]:

Tasha Flowers, a Detroit single mom, broke into a foreclosed home in a fancy Detroit neighborhood and squatted there with her SEVEN children. When police came to escort her and the family out, it was done nicely and orderly, according to neighbors and witnesses from the Neighborhood Association. But Flowers filed a lawsuit against Detroit Police claiming that Detroit Police beat her and her family (they have no pictures or hospital records, according to reports), and that they came to “her” house the next day to apologize, along with gift cards to Walmart and Target and $100.

The marriage of anarchy and communism produces such hideous offspring that people would rebel against it — if they were informed of its extent. That’s where the moonbat media comes in. To continue:

But that’s not how the Detroit media — both newspapers, the Detroit Free Press and the Detroit Newsistan — covered it. … From the way they “report,” er … regurgiatate it, you’d never know that this was a foreclosed home that Ms. Flowers didn’t own, nor did she belong in it, and that she was a squatter. They don’t even report the real reason why police were there — ie., to escort her out. …

Even worse, many national media outlets picked up on their phony stories, including the Chicago Tribune[3], MSNBC[4], etc., all of whom reported on the alleged Detroit police brutality, and none of whom reported that this woman is a squatter.

Anarchy means you don’t have to work to buy a home; you can just squat in someone else’s. Communism means you can sue taxpayers for $millions when the police throw you out. Moonbattery means the media takes your side.

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