And Palin Would Have Gotten Away With Her Fake Pregancy, Too, If It Wasn’t For That Meddling Andrew Sullivan!

by John Hawkins | December 5, 2008 3:12 pm

Believe it or not, flaky liberal conspiracy theorist “Excitable” Andy Sullivan[1] is STILL trying to convince people that Sarah Palin faked a pregancy and that Trig is really her daughter’s son.

His latest “evidence?”

This picture from March of this year,

Palin Pregnant

That’s barely three weeks before she gave birth to Trig, a full-term, 6 pound baby. It’s also around a week before video footage of Palin, captured here. Since Palin refused throughout the campaign to provide any medical records (although, in classic Palin style, says she has), we only have three photographs of her pregnant and one doctor’s letter, released hours before the polls opened November 3.

My God! After seeing Palin wearing black, directly facing the camera, with a noticeable pooch — but not as big as Sullivan thinks it should be, this whole scam has been blown wide open. The only question at this point is how high up the conspiracy goes! Did Palin pull this off by herself or were Bush, Rove, and the Illuminati involved as well?

Andrew Sullivan, please give up on punditry and become a detective where your sleuthing skills can be put to better use! Quickly, go now, Andrew, go for the good of crime victims everywhere!

Oh, but before we put the official good housekeeping seal of approval on the whole “fake pregnancy thing,” on account of Palin never appearing to be pregnant and all, how does Sherlock Sullivan explain this picture, which is from late February of this year?

Then there’s this picture from March,

She sure does look pregnant in both of those pictures, doesn’t she? Shhhh, nobody tell Andrew or he might scuttle his next “big scoop” about Sarah Palin secretly executing 9/11 at the behest of “Christianists” who want to institute a worldwide Christian theocracy!

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