Ann Coulter Leaves Joy Behar Speechless

I’m pretty sure this is the perfect retort to any liberal who dares to challenge the humanity of water-boarding. Joy Behar thinks she’s awfully clever trying to get conservatives to admit they wouldn’t want to be water-boarded themselves. Come to think of it, given our latest labeling as “right-wing extremists”, we may indeed need to prepare ourselves for the worst against the current administration.

But Ann Coulter would think differently:

Joy Behar: I want to know if you want to be water-boarded because Sean Hannity has volunteered to be water-boarded, but don’t see him sticking his head under the faucet yet.

Ann Coulter: …No I don’t want to be water-boarded; do you want to be aborted? Because I think you support abortion. In fact, can we abort the terrorists instead of water-boarding them?

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Watch it here:

Liberals don’t think it’s so funny when you use their own standards against them (i.e. political correctness never applies during liberal attacks against their opponents). I say we start doing exactly that.

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