Another Adventure in Socialized Medicine

From the UK comes yet another precautionary tale of socialized medicine — the story of the aptly named Angela Breeds:

An expectant mother of twins was ferried 250 miles between four hospitals only to have her babies separated as soon as they were delivered.

Angela Breeds, 30, was told she needed a Caesarean section when doctors found one of her unborn babies was too small and not getting enough nutrition.

But what should have been the most thrilling moment of her life turned into a five-day ordeal because the hospitals either did not have the right scanning equipment or the incubators.

Doctors finally performed the Caesarean and delivered Suzie and Sonny nine weeks early. But then Sonny had to be moved to another hospital five minutes after birth – again because of incubator shortages.

Miss Breeds and her partner, Lee Taylor, 35, are now getting up at 5am every day to take breast milk to the babies at each hospital.

At least the medical care is free — unless you count the staggering level of taxation required to support it.

Of course, socialized medicine will work much more efficiently when it’s imposed in the USA, because we’ll have geniuses like Nancy Pelosi to see that it’s administrated properly. They’re doing a marvelous job with the rest of the economy.

Angela’s not so excellent adventure.

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