Another Bloody Weekend In Chicago: 22 Shot, 2 Dead – Rahm Emanuel Weeps [VIDEO]

Another Bloody Weekend In Chicago: 22 Shot, 2 Dead – Rahm Emanuel Weeps [VIDEO]

In less than 48 hours, over the course of this past weekend, 22 people have been shot, two fatally, in the city of Chicago. This, only days after Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s speech on violence in which he proposed more police and mentoring programs for “at risk youth”, meaning those who are doing the killing.

The only people at risk are the innocent citizens on the wrong end of the Windy City’s gangster’s guns. These thugs and killers are not “at risk”. They have already plunged to the depths of thuggery and evil. Hey Mayor, how about some programs for those who are truly at risk, the law abiding people of your city. How about a “program” that starts arresting and prosecuting thugs with illegal guns? We know Chicago is a gun free heavenly haven, right? Wrong. There are more guns in Chicago than in many third world nations. And speaking of third world nations, that’s what it’s like to live in the life or death neighborhoods of Chicago.

The Mayor is calling for more police. And yet police are being maligned, killed, shot at, protested against and generally disrespected by the very people you are trying to help by sending them in. Get control of the gangsters and thugs in your city with a seriously tough anti-crime initiative like Mayor Giuliani did in New York during his term and watch the homicide rate start dropping. But words mean nothing when a six year-old girl is hit by gangster gunfire and someone’s cousin walking her three month-old loses her life merely by leaving the house.

Mayor Emanuel, your city will know you are serious when fewer people die. You are crying on stage, while the people are dying in the streets. Seems inappropriate not to mention useless. Do something Mr. Mayor. We’re waiting.

Emanuel’s full speech below:

Sonja Bochow

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