ANOTHER Hillary Health Bombshell Leaks Just Hours Before the Debate [VIDEO]


Looks like there is a possibility that the moderators of the third and final Presidential debate will be holding the nominees accountable…and this is how they plan to do it?

Chris Wallace who has spent decades being the metaphorical shooting squad for politicians’ misleading claims, will be moderator. So naturally, people are thinking he will be attacking as per his usual self, however…he states that it’s not like a Sunday morning interview.

“An interview ― it’s you and the candidate, and you’re the person holding them to account,” Wallace said over the weekend on “Fox News Sunday,” the public affairs show he’s hosted for 13 years. “This is a debate. And, you know, they’re both going to be on the stage. If I think there’s a need for me to intervene, I will, but I would prefer not to.”

Wallace isn’t ignoring that real-time fact-checking is important still, but his preference for not doing it has been the cause of much journalistic debate over his role as moderator.

He does not intend to push the truth fact check button on the nominees and there are plenty of people ready to argue with him about that decision. They claim that it’s a vital job of the moderator to do just that…CALL OUT BLATANT LIES.

Many Trump haters are also shaking in their boots stating that if Donald Trump doesn’t get ‘his’ facts checked he will be spouting out falsehoods like there was no tomorrow.

Of course they would say that…

But Wallace said he saw the criticism of Lauer as misplaced, and indicated in a Fox News appearance the following day that he wasn’t going to change his plans. “I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do in the moment,” Wallace told anchor Brit Hume. “But my disposition is I would rather have the two candidates speaking to each other, than speaking to me.”

“You make yourself too big a figure as moderator in the debate, it’s not a debate anymore,” Wallace added. “It’s like a couple of side-by-side news conferences and I don’t think that is your point.”

Wallace does acknowledge there is a lot of pressure and stress that comes with the job of being a moderator. He’s seen the previous moderators get attacked and criticized and has had to remind himself that this might just be a once in a lifetime opportunity that has been handed to him.

To that he says…

“To the degree you can stop biting your nails, have fun with it.”

Wallace says he plans to be more of a “timekeeper” that a “fact checker” and I think that’s just fine. We all know Hillary is a liar already and we also know that the people who support her don’t care…so why waste time checking her facts?

I think it’s best to throw her into the den of Trump wolves and let them battle it out…without a moderator to hide behind.

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