Antelope swims for his life as he’s chased by speeding crocodile [VIDEO]

by McIntosh | June 7, 2016 1:45 am

Are you a fan of the animal network? Do you love watching documentaries where the predator is stalking the prey? Here is a some nerve racking[1] footage that you will be sure to love.


From the Daily Mail:

This is the nail-biting moment a lucky waterbuck comes within inches of being killed by a crocodile as a group of concerned tourists watch on in anticipation.

The footage was captured in South Africa and shows the large antelope cooling off in Lake St Lucia when a hungry predator spots it from a distance.

The sheer speed of the crocodile is what makes the video incredibly unsettling as it stalks its prey and moves in for the kill.

Now that is CREEPY! I don’t know what that buck was thinking, but it had a pair on it! I usually cheer for the predator, because hey, they got to eat. But the buck was so daring, how could I not cheer it on?

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