Anthony Weiner Is Out Of Rehab And So Completely Broke His Parents Had To Save Him!

Anthony Weiner Is Out Of Rehab And So Completely Broke His Parents Had To Save Him!

Anthony Weiner, yet again, is back in the news…but it’s not what you think. Although, who would be surprised if what you’re thinking ACTUALLY happened, AGAIN!?


There’s no need to worry. Your eyes are safe from half-naked Weiner…for now. No, actually he’s in the news again supposedly because he may be really hurting for some major cash, as he’s unable to afford his sexting addiction rehabilitation at a Tennessee ranch.

Oh, boohoo. Prison will rehabilitate the creep.

Weiner had meant to stay for a 90-day stint, but according to a source, he left the ranch because he could no longer afford it.

The total damage this addiction program cost Weiner was reportedly $25,000 for a 35-day treatment session at the ranch. ‘His parents took out a mortgage on their house to pay for his rehab.’


Weiner had made the choice to check into the weeks-long program at The Ranch, a 2,000-acre facility an hour west of Nashville back in early October following an exposé on his scummy sexting relationship with a 15 year-old girl…and of course, the FBI digging into every aspect of his life.

The Ranch is a sex-addiction clinic and a very expensive one at that.

Weiner’s accommodations were quite lavish for a guy who can’t really afford it. He was living in one of ten large buildings distributed throughout the property in tiny unincorporated Pinewood and neighboring Nunnelly. He and the other male sex addicts are of course isolated from the women sufferers who are housed in detached buildings.

All electronic devices, including cellphones and computers, are banned at The Ranch and you don’t even get a cheaper rate for leaving those things at home. We are talking $30,000 a month here! What the heck does that pay for?

It’s hard to feel sorry for the Weiner man. In fact, I feel more for his parents than him. Forking out their hard earned money for their embarrassment of a son. Yeesh!

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