Appalling video shows two teenage girls punching elderly man with a cane after he told them to get off his lawn

Appalling video shows two teenage girls punching elderly man with a cane after he told them to get off his lawn

Police have arrested two teenage girls who are suspected of assaulting a 61 year-old man in his own front yard in Syracuse, New York.


The encounter came about after the man courteously asked a group of teenagers, who were sitting on his lawn, to leave. Cellphone video captured by one of the kids captured one of the two girls punching the man in the face several times before making a run for it.

According to the local news outlet covering the story, the footage then shows a second girl pulling the man back around as he gave chase, all the while other youngsters laughed. The man chases the teens as fast as he can down the street, but promptly loses his balance and falls flat on his face, with his cane sliding away from him as he blunders onto the road.

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Fortunately, it’s reported that he only incurred a black eye and is now recovering in a hospital.

According to the police report, the victim asserts that he told the youths, who had been sitting in his front yard, to move along. It was after he asked them, that one of the girls attacked him.

The whole cell phone clip has since gone viral, showing up on multiple social media sites and being shared and seen 1.1 million times on Facebook. The fact is that so many people have seen the offensive footage around the world, that the victim was contacted by relatives in Ireland who wanted to check on his welfare after they saw the clip.


Police have since arrested the two girls in question, aged 14 and 15, who will face third-degree assault charges.

The girls have not been named due to their juvenile status. The mother of one of the teens in the clip has said her daughter will be reprimanded and face the outcome of her actions. She also says that her daughter wants to personally apologize to the man she allegedly assaulted, face-to-face.

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