Apparently Enough Guns Were Sold On Black Friday To Arm The Marine Corps!

Apparently Enough Guns Were Sold On Black Friday To Arm The Marine Corps!


Clearly America is not willing to give up their guns. Thank goodness the House and Senate blocked Obama from creating more gun control laws while he has been in office. We are lucky to have a country that defends the rights of gun owners. It is a right that has literally protected Americans since the conception of America as an independent country.

This black Friday, Americans everywhere took advantage of the deals and cashed in on guns across the country. It was a record breaking year on background checks processed for gun ownership. According to NBC:

This year the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) processed 185,713 transactions the day after Thanksgiving, FBI spokesman Stephen Fischer Jr. told NBC News. That breaks the FBI’s forecast of approximately 180,000 and the previous record of 185,345, an increase of .2 percent, set during last year’s Black Friday.

More than ever, Americans are not afraid to buy guns. That means that on black Friday alone, every second, two background checks were submitted by individuals hoping to buy a gun. That means if every background check went through correctly and each person bought only one gun, there were well over 185,000 guns purchased that day.

The United States Marine Corp. currently has 182,000 active duty members. So more than enough guns were purchased to arm an entire branch of the government. Frankly. I feel safer knowing these numbers. It will be interesting to see what happens to these numbers in the coming years with President Donald Trump in office.

Will Americans feel safer and buy fewer guns or will the restrictions be lessened, allowing for more growth in the gun and ammo markets? We will have to wait and see, but I like the direction we are moving.


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