Are The People Who Love Women Sick? I Gues Not, Why Would We Be Than???

Are The People Who Love Women Sick? I Gues Not, Why Would We Be Than???: I was looking through my statistics tracker for Right Wing News and I noticed that I was getting some traffic from a forum called I decided to go to that forum and find out what they had linked on RWN (I actually never found it). At first I thought I was looking around some sort of forum for kids because the graphic had kids in it and there were forums named “Our Clubhouse”, “The Playground”, “Boys in Media”, etc. But as I started looking around a little more I noticed that a lot of the people posting had pictures of young kids in their signature lines which I thought was a bit odd. Then I ran across the word “boylover” and I finally caught on to what sort of web page I was on.

It’s hard to explain how repulsive this forum is. It’s not just that this is a forum full of pedophiles, it’s the tone of the posts. Many of these posters were trying to come off as people who really cared about kids. You know, the sort of people who would become Scout Masters, Catholic priests, Little League coaches, etc, for no other reason than to have access to young boys. Moreover, I can’t tell you how creepy it is to read a post from some sicko talking about how sexy children are when he has a pic of a young child that looks like it came out of someone’s wallet below his post. To say that I felt like I needed a shower after reading these posts is an incredible understatement. At the end of this episode of A.C.P.O.T.I. (Anyone Can Post On The Internet), I’m going to have the email address of this webpage’s host. If you want to help get this forum shut down, feel free to send them an email.

**Update: The pedophiles have a new thread up called, “BLISS Targetted by Right Wing Conservative Group.” Guess what that’s all about?

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