Arnold Schwarzenegger Makes Presidential Endorsement… It’s NOT Who You Think

‘The Arnold’ has actually came out with a presidential endorsement…and some Americans have mixed feelings on why he’s coming out at THIS point in time, to make THIS endorsement…many are finding it, well… redundant.

There’s a first time for everything, and the Terminator–er, former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, has officially become the first politician to endorse a presidential candidate via the popular social media app Snapchat.

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This is what some people had to say about this endorsement…

Kevin Mann
Uh. His campaign soon to be terminated

Didn’t see that one coming…

Kate Find
Yep, nothing like a loser supporting another loser; very quaint in deed. No possibility at all, but why not? LOL

But…are you really ‘laughing out loud’ Kate?

Krag Jørgensen
Maybe choose someone that can actually win?

Krag…this is Obama’s America. Everyone gets a trophy…

Johnny Wykoff
What a waste of time.

Yet…you commented anyway. Good for you!

Hey, it’s the terminator… it was worth hearing who he endorses. Right? ….right?

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