Artist Erects Hillary Clinton Statue in NYC… BRAWL Erupts! [VIDEO]

by Just An American | October 18, 2016 3:03 pm


Another day, another dummy Hillary Clinton supporter throwing a tantrum. This is becoming a habit that I hope dies down soon. It’s embarrassing.

In Manhattan, a new eyesore hit the streets when a naked statue of Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, showed up to make an impression. That impression went sour real fast…

It was a horrifying piece of work…but one that you couldn’t take your eyes off of if you tried and one that has a VERY good reason to exist. It had a loud message that came very clear… Obama’s America SUCKS! It depicted Clinton having hoofed feet and resting ever so comfortably on her bare naked breast…was a Wall Street banker.

This shocking statue was not even on display for 3 hours before one of Hillary Clinton’s groupies showed up and fell into a panic attack of hurt feelings.

As per looney lib nature, the woman went into a RAGE and hulked out on the statue right there in the street, knocking it over and somehow finding the audacity to yell all kinds of rotten, naughty words at the artist.

Leave it to a liberal woman to keep it classy!

The artist, 27 year-old, Anthony Scioli, as you will see in the video, is doing his best to save his piece of art and expression of thought…but the beast woman completely goes savage on him, disallowing him to save his art piece.

“This lady shows up and tips it over and starts assaulting anyone who tried to put it back up!,” a witness told NY Daily News.

Here, see for yourself what went down. WARNING: You may feel the urge to punch your screen.

As per the usual, liberals cannot fathom the idea that people think and believe differently from them, nor can they respect it. Her first response was violence. Violence and destruction…

Did you see how the artist reacted? Did he rage, quit and start busting her in the face? Nope.

Did he start threatening her and winding back to throw a 1-2 PUNCH to that big mouth of hers? Nope.

There she is completely destroying a piece of art he probably took HOURS to design and create, and yet he did none of those things.

Did she deserve to be shut down? …absolutely. The woman was out of line and that kind of behavior gets discipline when you’re 2 years-old…so she’s far from being excused acting out like such a fool as a full grown adult.

She’s lucky. Stupid, but lucky no one retaliated.

Obviously, no one was willing to stoop down to her scumbag level.

Good for them.

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