As Expected, NYT Lays The Blame For The Entire Subprime Meltdown On Bush

by Sister Toldjah | December 21, 2008 11:02 am

Michael W at QandO dissects the NYT’s[1] hit piece here[2]. They’ve done a “blame Bush for the subprime meltdown” piece like this once before[3], but this one takes it to knew heights (or should I say lows?).

No matter what anyone’s feelings are right now for Bush after the auto bailout he announced Friday[4], there’s no denying that this is as shoddy a piece of “journalism” as can be found on the pages of the NYT, as they ignore the significant contributions[5] of Christopher Dodd, Barney Frank, PEBO (President-elect Barack Obama), Franklin Raines, and other prominent Democrats/Democrat-friendly industry fat cats to the mortgage/ lending industry collapse.

With reporting like this, is it any wonder that the NYT is losing money and have to cut back on staff?

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