Ashley Judd Could Move To Iraq Where She Says Women Have ‘More Rights,’ SURPRISE Ash!

by Tiffiny Ruegner | May 9, 2017 6:29 pm

I’m so tired of Liberals whining about President Trump, or ‘white Republicans’ or all of America in general. They continue to degrade America for who she is and complain about how hard it is to live in such a horrible place. They try to sound intelligent by comparing America with other places which usually makes them sound dumber than anyone thought they were. Ashley Judd is the bottom of the pile of the dumbest of Liberals. I thought her speech on being ‘nasty’ while wearing a vagina on her head was her lowest point… but then there’s her twitter and facebook accounts, where her most outrageous uneducated comments are made.



When Ashley Judd [3]jumps on her social media accounts to blabber, it’s all a bunch of false garbage to rip on the U.S. Here is one where she claims that the U.S. is ranked far below countries that have horrendous woman rights issues… people went berserk when she tweeted that! You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to call BULL on this one:

She followed that asinine tweet and ‘study’ with another idiotic tweet that I’m not sure if she was serious or not about…

…And that’s when our fellow twitterers got to clicking on their phone pads to utterly destroy this sorry excuse for a woman’s logic:


Then other users noted the 14th Amendment of the Constitution provides equal protection under the law for ALL citizens of the U.S. and last time I checked, women were citizens. Judd is increasingly getting crazier and crazier as the years go by and I don’t think most of America can stomach her radicalism much longer. None of us would mind if she moved to that Women’s Rights heaven called Iraq.

Just a few weeks after her women’s rights are bad in America tweet, she posted on Facebook about her ‘attack’ at a basketball game. No, she wasn’t actually attacked, but she felt she was as she sat in what she called a ‘neutral’ safe space at a basketball game. A man told her that he liked Trump, possibly to irritate her. At that point poor Ashley Judd said that she began to feel very unsafe. With her admiration for the Middle East and fear of unsafe ‘safe’ spaces in America, I think she SHOULD move to Iraq and ponder safe spaces as she watches her gay friends be thrown off of buildings and her female friends have their faces burned with oil or be stoned to death. I pray you do leave America Ashley and that you will not have shoes on your feet when you want to come running back!

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