Attention Democrats: SHOCKING New Poll Indicates the ‘Race Card’ May Finally Be Dead!

Attention Democrats: SHOCKING New Poll Indicates the ‘Race Card’ May Finally Be Dead!

FINALLY! An actual poll to back up what we all have been saying all along. STOP WITH THE RACE CARD! It is a non issues. Just because someone is white and disagrees with you doesn’t make you a racist. Check it out:


From the article:

As Barack Obama, Eric Holder and the rest of the Democrat Party’s progressive liberal leadership have worked hard to stir-up racial strife the past six years, one would assume that they have almost successfully accomplished their mission, especially when viewing the mayhem that has occurred in Ferguson, Missouri.

Not so fast. There is almost complete racial unity on at least one issue.

A shocking new poll released on the eve of Tuesday’s election, reveals that voters, regardless of race, believe that politicians deal the race card just to get elected or to stay in office.

Unbelievably, according to the new Rasmussen’s new poll, only 9% believe that politicians pull the race card to address real racial issues, while a stunning 78% say they bring it up just to get elected.

This is extremely bad news for the Democrat Party and race-hustlers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, and when shown alongside the returns of Tuesday’s of elections, is a strong indication that the race card has lost its luster, has become dog-eared, and may even be dead.

Even among blacks, 68% agree that most politicians raise racial issues just for political gain, rather than addressing real issues.

Apparently, Democrat Congressman Charlie Rangel hasn’t received the memo. Rangel, even though it was the Democrat Party that supported slavery, Jim Crow laws, and voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964, doubled down on his “race card,” that Republicans are somehow pro-slavery.

Link to the Rasmussen Poll

I have been so tired of having logical arguments with people about Obamacare or really any one of Obama’s failed policies, only to have them say something like “well, if you don’t support it, you’re a racist” Really? Why? Are you unaware that Obama is also half white? Are you aware that amnesty has nothing to do with skin color? Looks like you liberals will actually have to get a real argument to try to beat the conservative point of view. Idiots.


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