BREAKING: POLICE AMBUSHED, 7 Shot, Victim Dies, Shooter Killed In Response

BREAKING: POLICE AMBUSHED, 7 Shot, Victim Dies, Shooter Killed In Response

Friday night, just before midnight in West Philadelphia, Sgt. Sylvia Young was ambushed while sitting in her patrol car. He shot her eight times… most hit her arm and her bullet-proof vest protected her. Then the guy ran off and started firing shots into a club hitting a security guard.

The suspect then used a woman as a human shield and when done with her, he shot her in the leg. So far, only injuries to limbs. Finally, he fled to 48th and Walnut where he fired bullets into a random car, hitting the two occupants in the chest. They were both taken to the hospital. The man is in critical condition and the woman was pronounced dead.

Police continued to chase the suspect which ended in a shootout between the suspect and police where the one officer was shot and the suspect was shot and killed. An ambulance rushed both shot police officers to Penn Presbyterian Medical Center.


Commissioner Richard Ross reported that a note was found from the suspect stating he hated cops and probation officers. Great! Another person thinking they had the right to shoot cops. As investigation goes on and I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy was with Black Lives Matter.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney spoke to Action News on his meeting with the police officers.
“I had the opportunity to be with both police officers this evening, and their families. One officer was cracking jokes with his kids and wife. The other officer was talking with her family. So we are happy, very blessed that that’s the way it turned out. I think we have to keep them in our prayers. The civilians, there are some seriously hurt, and still in various degrees of being treated. And I think all in all it was really a terrible scary night. But our officers turned out okay, and hopefully the civilians will turn out okay,” said Mayor Kenney.

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