AWESOME VIDEO: ‘Killer Clown’ armed with a baseball bat gets PUNCHED in the face

AWESOME VIDEO: ‘Killer Clown’ armed with a baseball bat gets PUNCHED in the face

A YouTube prankster across the pond had the idea to dress as a baseball-bat wielding clown and copy what American idiots with too much time on their hands are doing all across the nation: Scaring the living hell out of folks.

This bright idea of his led to some pretty impressive scares, including a couple of victims jumping in their cars and speeding off. All was going well when he came across a particular ‘victim’ that, well, didn’t quite appreciate being startled…what ensued was a backfired prank and a bloody nose!

Ashley Symes, our millennial childish prankster attempting to take advantage of the ‘killer clown’, chose to do his prank in the parking garage of Dockside Outlet Center, Chatham, United Kingdom.

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Dressed in a thoroughly creepy clown mask and a red wig, Mr. Symes, a customer service worker, is seen terrorizing unaware pedestrians on streets after dark.

After a few decent scare attacks by the would-be prankster, he goes for a parking garage scare as one man and his friend walk through a door, Symes jumps out from behind them swinging around his baseball bat, while screaming…

and that’s when it happens.

Symes later wrote this:


‘I always wanted to do pranks, I follow a lot of American pranksters on YouTube, and with all the news stories about clowns I thought I’d do something no one in the UK had done. A lot of people I scared said it was funny, even the man that punched me said it was funny. If it’s done well,in a controlled way it’s harmless. We try to let the people know what is going on. As long as there’s no harm done people should see it as a joke. I was trying to go for a younger audience I didn’t want to target older people in case they had health conditions.’

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