AWESOME VIDEO: Pervert gropes woman on train…and she responds by beating him with his own hat

AWESOME VIDEO: Pervert gropes woman on train…and she responds by beating him with his own hat

As if it isn’t already hard enough being a a young adult in today’s world and failing society. This girl had to deal with this creepy man’s advance on a public train. After sitting next to him, he reaches over and suggestively grazes her thigh with his hand. When she scoots away he doesn’t get the message and reaches over and again runs his hand up her thigh.

At this point the woman gets up and scoots as far as she can on the small bench. When he again touches her bare thigh she takes matters into her own hands. She stands up, takes his hat off of his head and repeatedly hits him with it. She does not seem afraid to make sure he knows how out of line he is. This bold young lady isn’t afraid to make sure he knows that he has crossed the line, more than once.

What would you do if you had been in that situation? I can’t help but think too many girls would be afraid to do anything. We need to be teaching our children not to allow this kind of behavior. As a woman they shouldn’t allow it. And as men they should never perpetuate this abusive exploitation.


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What was most disturbing to me was that this was recorded by someone. So someone obviously was aware the abuse was taking place and chose to just sit there and record the scene rather than do something to stop the obvious pervert. What would you have done if you were witnessing this scene? Would you have thought to pull out your camera or would you have done something to defend the young woman?

In situations like this, we need to decide now what we would do. In my opinion, that creepy man deserved exactly what he got. What do you think?


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