AWESOME VIDEO: Teacher breaks up fight with chokehold

by Alexandria Willis | November 16, 2016 3:39 am


The violence in the schools is more than a little terrifying right now. Nothing seems to make it stop. But this teacher was completely ready to tackle a violent situation should it arise. He seemed to know exactly what he was doing when he came across two young men in an all out brawl on the floor. He immediately identified the young man who was dominating the other student. And then he moved to remove the offensive student from the one on the ground.

You can watch below exactly what happened. But as the teacher approached, the students seemed to know that the teacher was in charge. The onlooking students started expressing that the fight would be over very soon with this teacher involved all the sudden. As the teacher approached the two young men fighting don’t slow down. That is, they don’t stop fighting until the teacher wraps his arm around the top student’s neck and pulls him away.

The student keeps trying to continue to fight. But the teacher is relentless and won’t allow the students to continue. He puts his body in between their bodies, continuing to hold the struggling student around the neck. When he keeps fighting he asks the student if he wants to “go to sleep.”

Finally the student stops struggling and the teacher releases him while keeping his body between the two students. The students who are watching are all cheering for the teacher, clearly impressed with his ability to take control of the situation. We need more teachers like this in our school systems. He was truly unafraid to jump into the fight. Even though the teacher was smaller than one of the fighters he did not hesitate to take control of the situation in a calm manner. Something tells me the other students will think twice before getting into any fights in the future.

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