AWFUL: This Nurse Received $25,000 In Donations And Bucket List Trips, But She Had A Secret

by Greg Campbell | January 26, 2016 1:54 pm

In today’s digital world, it’s easier than ever to stay-connected with people and give to charities. In so many ways, this is a good thing. However, sadly, some abuse this convenience and the internet has its fair share of scammers. One woman shamefully used a fictitious cancer diagnosis and now, she’s going to pay the price for her lack of conscience.[1]


A Georgia nurse has been arrested for allegedly obtaining $25,000 in free trips, donations and gifts for a cancer diagnosis police said she never actually had.

Mary Bennett, 29, first said she was diagnosed with Stage IV ovarian cancer in 2013, detailing her struggle on social media as she shared she had been laid off from her job.

Bennett, from Cumming, also wrote about her quest to fulfill her bucket list, which led to people paying for her to go on a hot air balloon ride, skydiving, and a trip to New Orleans.

One fundraiser paid her way to Houston, Texas with $4,000 in donations so that she could receive an alleged medical treatment, according to Inside Edition[3].

Donation pages were set up in honor of Bennett’s bucket list, detailing her plight with titles such as ‘Moving Mountains for Mary’.

‘I just wanted to tell you all, thank you! I am so appreciative for the donations and the orders that people have placed,’ Bennett wrote in a post on one such Facebook page.

‘It’s certainly hard going thru cancer (sic) at any age. But for this to be the 2nd time in my short 27 years has certainly made me wiser and humbled’.

Bennett, who had ‘Ovarian Cancer Survivor’ written on her Twitter bio, promised friends and family she would repay their generous donations by paying it forward through her career as a nurse.

She also shaved and placed bandages on her friend, and told people the cancer had spread and she had four tumors on her brain and brainstem, according to Forsyth County Sheriff’s Deputy Epifanio Rodriguez.

‘Her family was completely in the dark,’ he told Inside Edition.

‘She would go to these doctors and her family would take her, but no one ever actually went in with her. She was not actually having procedures…She went to the extreme.’

Authorities said there is no record of Bennett receiving any kind of cancer treatment anywhere.

A felony first-degree forgery charge was added after officials said Bennett, who has already been charged with misdemeanor theft by taking, faked letters from a cancer institute claiming she was a patient.

Rodriguez said the Emory Winship Cancer Institute had not only never treated Bennett, they had never even heard of her.

Bennett’s misdemeanor charge could be upgraded to a felony depending on how many more people have proof they were allegedly tricked by Bennett.

Rodriguez said a dozen additional people have called saying they are victims of her alleged hoax.

Her betrayal is not only a betrayal of those who gave her money; it is a betrayal of those who will now be eyed with suspicion as they solicit funds for legitimate medical expenses.

There is a special place in Hell for people like Bennett.

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