AWKWARD: Hillary Ditches Interview When Confronted With ‘Voter Fraud’ Videos

AWKWARD: Hillary Ditches Interview When Confronted With ‘Voter Fraud’ Videos


For those of you who watched the debate yesterday, you know how Hillary was called out more than a few times concerning her corrupt politics. But you may not have seen one of her interviews following the debate. A handful of reporters gathered around her and asked her all about the campaign, Donald Trump and finally someone brought up what really matters.

Voter Fraud.

The reporters around her were obviously all supporters of her campaign. But suddenly one of them asked a not so friendly question. They wanted to know what she knew about the claims that she would be using voter fraud to win the campaign. And her response had to be the best part.

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Why was her response so amazing? It is because she refuses to even answer the question. She immediately shuts the conversation down and dismisses the news team. It would be funny if it was not so indicative of her dishonesty. She was obviously trying to hide something.

I am one hundred percent certain that if she gets elected, it will not be due to her own efforts and charm alone. She has a long history of twisting the laws and making the government work for her. So it doesn’t surprise me that she ran away from the question. It was definitely not a flawless exit. And she left reporters wondering what it is exactly that went wrong. But you know what? No one is surprised.

So what do we do moving forward? We have to stand up against her dishonesty and corruption. Make sure you vote, but just as importantly, make sure you stay informed. We can’t allow another president to ride into the White House on stolen votes.

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