Awwwww! Guess Who’s New Movie Is BOMBING At The Box Office?

Awwwww! Guess Who’s New Movie Is BOMBING At The Box Office?

Are Americans tired of anti-American rhetoric? According to the opening numbers of Michael Moore’s latest movie “Where To Invade Next?’ the answer is yes.



Michael Moore’s latest film Where to Invade Next tanked at the box office this weekend on its way to becoming the lowest-grossing opening weekend of the liberal filmmaker’s career.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Where to Invade Next will take in an estimated $933,240 from 308 theaters over the three-day holiday weekend for a per-theater average of just $3,030. The film will try to crack the $1 million mark by the close of box office Monday.

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That figure is “good” enough to make the film Moore’s lowest opening-weekend grosser since The Big One opened to $146,909 from 33 theaters in 1998.

While Where to Invade Next is expected to give Moore his second-largest opening gross ever, behind 2004’s Fahrenheit 9/11, THR notes that per-screen averages are the true measures of the success of his films, as all of his previous work has opened in limited release before moving into wide release (except for Fahrenheit 9/11, which opened to $23.9 million from 868 locations).

By that measure, Where to Invade Next fell off a cliff when compared with the theater averages of his last film, Capitalism: A Love Story, which took in $231,964 from four theaters during its opening weekend, for a per-location average of $57,991, in 2009

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

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