Bad Guys Plant Fake Bomb At School Hoping To SHOOT Responding Cops!

by McIntosh | November 24, 2016 3:15 am

Authorities in Alabama say a man who left a leery device fashioned to look like a bomb at a Trussville elementary school confessed that he wanted to use it as a decoy to shoot down[1] responding police officers and also to rob a bank. Fortunately that plan didn’t go, well…as planned.


On Wednesday, two suspects were arrested in connection to the IED found at Magnolia Elementary School in Trussville on Wednesday, Nov. 16.

Zachary Edwards, 35, and Raphel Dilligard, 34, are both being charged with possession of a fraudulent destructive device, rendering false alarm and terrorist threats.

The bond for Edwards has been set at $600,000 and he has been transported to the Jefferson County Jail.

Dilligard’s bond has been set to a much smaller $10,000 and is still being held at the Trussville City Jail, but will eventually be transported to the Jefferson County Jail later on Wednesday.

Police say both suspects confessed to their attempted crimes. Edwards’ bond is greater because of his broad record, Police Captain Bridges said.

Captain Bridges said Edwards admitted to his idea to plant the device because he wanted to get police in one location to pick them off one-by-one…or to rob a bank. It seems he couldn’t decide what kind of scumbag he wanted to be that day.

While being interviewed, he snitched to police that he had some partners he worked with and more plans for a future day.

Edwards has stated that he is a member of the Black Panthers and Black Mafia, according to Bridges. Police have not yet confirmed if that information is true or not.

The ‘explosive’ device was found on the hood of a cafeteria worker’s vehicle when police received the call from a person who said, “I know what a bomb looks like, it’s in the parking lot.”

It seems there are more cops under attack everyday…

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